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Wish Learning Was Easier? Maximize Your Memory With Weetee

Isn’t it ironic that we each hold access to an entire world’s worth of information in our pocket, and yet our attention spans have never been so skimpy? These days, we spend much of our daily lives within the digital realm—where distractions inevitably abound! While all of that sparkle can be fun, it tends to tip the scales away from our capacity to shine as our most creative and productive selves.

When it comes to learning, there are so many reasons why we might want to streamline committing more to memory. From students cramming for exams to professionals striving to level up their skill set—or simply, anyone with intellectual curiosity and a desire to enhance their recall—the dream of making learning easier is one that many of us share. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could transform those smartphones into super-charged memory-boosting machines, rather than vampiric drains on our potential?

This was the very idea driving the team behind the innovative new learning app, Weetee. Their goal was to plug the gap between our ambitions and our cognitive faculties, and they’ve certainly struck upon a sweet spot. Harnessing the science of memory formation, Weetee allows users to get Goldilocks-like about efficient and strategic learning. Read on to discover how their app can help you recall more using less time—teaching you to flex your memory-forming muscles as never before!

A Scientific Approach to Memory and Learning

Have you ever grasped a complex idea and felt really excited by your newfound knowledge, only to realize that it has slipped away moments later? When trying to learn something important or intriguing, the magic truly happens when long-term memory storage kicks in—before ideas get the chance to evaporate from our minds once more!

Fascinatingly, research suggests that we can only hold between five and nine ideas in our short-term memory and that they are only likely to linger there for 20-30 seconds once our focus shifts away. Jumping back to that smartphone, we can compare short-term and long-term memory to a device’s RAM and storage—helpfully serving as a perfect metaphor. If we want to be able to draw key information back out for later use, we’d better make sure it’s been properly written to our mental hard drives!

If you’ve experienced a gap between all the things you want to master and your ability to absorb them, Weetee offers a smart solution. The app delivers an evidence-based learning strategy called ‘spaced repetition’, which optimally distances learning sessions for maximum long-term memory storage, with a minimal time input requirement. With the app’s help, all that glorious information can become a permanent presence within your own mental data center.

Why Does WeeTee Use Spaced Repetition?

The roots of spaced repetition can be found more than a century ago, with a sharp German psychologist called Hermann Ebbinghaus. He theorized both that our brains lose information over what he described as a ‘forgetting curve’, and that those losses could be mitigated with repetition based on active recall. Over the years, many scientists have explored these ideas, each developing and honing the model of spaced repetition as a learning tool a little further.

While we all know that not studying enough will never get us the results we hope for, researchers revealed that reviewing the same pieces of information too frequently can also be counterproductive. Instead, they identified that carefully paced repeated learning—with sessions getting further apart each time recall is successful—is the best strategy for committing information to long-term memory. Following these science-based strategies is what we mean by using spaced repetition.

If you’re thinking all of that sounds complicated then fear not, because this is where the joy of Weetee comes in. The app strategizes your learning game-plan for you, so you don’t need to think about anything other than the lesson at hand. Weetee provides a substantial library of learning resources across a breadth of topics, as well as allowing users to create their own learning cards. Once the app is ready to roll, it schedules and prompts your learning sessions for optimal results. Simple.

Using WeeTee to Unlock Your Mind’s Potential

Have you ever wondered how much data your mind can handle? Better yet, how does it stack up against your iPhone? According to Paul Reber, a professor of psychology at Northwestern University, the human mind has a capacity of around 2.5 petabytes—well, that’s two and a half million gigabytes!

Given that the absolute top-spec iPhone on the market today offers a measly terabyte of storage, we humans have good reason to feel pretty smug about our minds. Whenever you doubt your capacity to learn, remember that you’re carrying no less than two and a half thousand premium iPhones around on your shoulders.

There’s no doubt that long-term memory performs a crucial and powerful role within our daily lives. It allows us to not only hit our targets but also to move through the world with wonder. Flexing that storage muscle’s capacity means claiming the power to get creative with a bigger toolkit in our daily lives, and taking pleasure in aligning our performance with our potential, once and for all.

We believe that we can reverse the curve and improve our daily life in a lasting way thanks to the exercise of memory. But. Moreover, we believe that cultivating memory makes life better.

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